About The Company

J.S. Mortimer was formed in the year 2000 after we recognized the need for a Mechanical Contracting firm in Central MA with a strong in-house engineering / design base. We have now been in business for over 15 years, and that need has been validated by our success.

Renovation / Repair / Upgrade

Plumbing and Mechanical systems that are poorly designed or misapplied can be a nightmare for facility managers and building owners. Underperforming systems can affect process and production, employee comfort, and drain operational budgets with repair attempt after repair attempt.

Many of our projects fall under the category of 'forensic engineering'. This term is broadly used to describe measures needed to correct, improve, or rebuild work that has been previously completed by other contractors. Our typical client may have a mechanical system ( or systems ) that are chronically troublesome or not performing as required to suit their needs. While other contractors may be unable or unwilling to invest the effort to determine where the problem lies, we have the engineering / design expertise to develop reasonable solutions, present options, and work with the Client to facilitate the improvements necessary. This business model runs contrary to that of many contractors who have developed a "hit and run" business plan.

Our personnel thrive on the unusual, interesting, and often difficult projects. While the easiest answer for another contractor may be to recommend a system replacement, we recognize that facility budgets don't often allow for such expenditures. Part of the service that we provide is to determine the most economically feasible options for the client. We often present multiple scenarios and prepare support documentation to allow a facility manager to obtain funding for the system improvements.

The majority of our work is repeat business from customers with whom we have developed strong working relationships. These Clients are also responsible for direct recommendations to their peers. We are extremely proud of our loyal customer base and the many projects that we have completed for them. It is a testimony to our talented field staff that the majority of our good customers will only contract with us for their Plumbing and HVAC needs. Our Clients are confident that they will get another quality installation and they know that we always stand behind our work.

New Construction

Much of our work involves new construction. The 'plan & spec' market can be a cut throat and volatile experience for contractors and facility owners. Many contractors approach the bid process with a primary focus on identifying contract change-order opportunities that they can present to the General Contractor after they are selected as the low bidder. This 'add-on' approach becomes their profit center and these change orders result in unforeseen costs for the owner forcing financial pressure as the project nears completion. J.S. Mortimer approaches the process from another direction. It is our intent to provide the end user with a top quality HVAC/Plumbing installation at a fair price with minimum changes to contract amount. Our method identifies potential conflicts during the bid process and we present them to the General Contractor/Owner prior to generating our price. This approach allows issues to be resolved early and addressed during the Proposal process. Unforeseen and added costs are often avoided.

With our in-house design expertise, we often find ourselves working with the Architects and Engineers on projects to give the customer the best possible installation. We consider the Architects and Engineers to be partners in the process, not adversaries. There are many issues that we identify during the early phases of the project that could not be anticipated by the Engineer during the design phase. Many times, after discussions with the Engineer, we will generate design changes in house to expedite the project. Through this practice, we have formed cohesive relationships with many Engineering firms who recommend us as preferred HVAC/Plumbing contractors.

Service / Repair

Providing service and repair is a very challenging aspect of our business. Often, the need for service is prefaced by a catastrophic event like a pipe break or HVAC system failure at the worst possible time creating a very stressful situation. Our Service Technicians provide around the clock service response to get our Client's system back into proper operation. Our emphasis on servicing what we install allows us to continue to support our Clients long after the original build is complete and allows us to recommend upgrades and improvements that may actually help prevent a catastrophic event.


Our field staff consists of seasoned professionals who take a tremendous amount of pride in their work. Our highly experienced Plumbers, Pipefitters, and HVAC Mechanics have propelled J.S. Mortimer, Inc. to the top of the industry in Central MA. Our emphasis on cross training allows individuals to become experienced in all facets of our work. When additional support is required, we maintain a strong relationship with select sub-contractors who hold the same business values as J S Mortimer, Inc.

Our office staff brings a vast array of experience to the mix. Our Project Managers are experienced all aspects of the mechanical industry including design, engineering, estimating, and installation. Our managers are encouraged to be an active part of the project, completing site visits, maintaining a communication stream with the Client, and directly interacting with the crews to resolve issues. Likewise, our Sales Team and Estimators also bring technical expertise which allows them to more accurately evaluate the costs associated with a project.