Service & Maintenance

You’ve invested a great deal of money in a mechanical system to serve you home or business. At some point you are faced with the unfortunate experience of finding that the system is not operating properly. The most important question at this moment is who to call to get the systems back into operation.  The obvious answer …. call the company who knows your system best … the installing company. 

At J S Mortimer, Inc. we service and maintain the systems that we install. We have technicians available 24 hours a day, every day,for emergency response to get your system back on-line. Because our Technicians are actively involved in the start-up an commissioning of each system that we install, they are familiar with the design, equipment, and installation methods and are simply the most effective service troubleshooters for these systems. 

Our Technicians regularly attend specialized training classes sponsored by equipment manufacturers to be on top of the latest techniques and diagnostic procedures and they are equipped with specialized test equipment necessary to work with today’s emerging technology.

Even if your system is operating, regular routine maintenance can be the key to keeping it that way. Regular HVAC system maintenance is no different than regular service on your automobile. Both require routine attention to remain operating at peak levels. By completing a scheduled inspection, lubrication, system test, control component check, and regular filter change, your system can remain operational for many years and you my even avoid the need for emergency service.